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The Black Button Bastards
We Will Remember Them
 Fort Luton
 Shoreham Fort
 RMA Sandhurst
 Flying Legends, RAF Duxford
 Belgian Independence Day
 Tank Museum
 Chiltern Open Air Museum
 Battle of Britain, Duxford
 Poppy Appeal, Newbury Racecourse.

                       Gallery 2018


                       Events 2018.

                         With selected photographs from events

31st March -1st April. Fort Luton, Chatham.Training and Living History Event.

2/3rd June. Shoreham Fort.

17th June.  RMA Sandhurst Heritage Day.

30th June.  Armed Forces Day,E.Grinstead

4th July.     Freedom of Folkestone.

15th July.   Flying Legands,IWM Duxford.

21st July. Belgian Independence Day Parade,Brussels.

4/5th August. Batemans.

11th August. Anniversary of Battle of Amiens.   Tank Museum,Bovington

23rd August. Gt Dorset Steam Fair

15/16th September. Chiltern Open Air Museum, Great War Event.

23nd September. Battle of Britain,Duxford.

28/29/30th Sept. Passchendaele Memorial                                  Museum,Zonnebeke.                 

27th Oct.  Poppy Appeal Launch, Newbury                                   Racecourse.

28th Oct. Great War Reminiscence,Charing                                      Cross Theatre.

10-12th NOV. Armistice Day,Ypres.

15-16th Dec. Christmas Truce,Ploegsteert.


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 Armistice Day, Ypres
 Christmas Truce,Ploegsteert.
Fort Luton 
 Freedom of Folkestone. Canadian Airforce
 Armed Forces Day 
 Dorset Steam Fair
 Chiltern Open Air Museum
Charring Cross Theatre. 
 Collecting for the Poppy Appeal