The Wiring Party. Use of barbed wire

Barbed wire was used by all combatants in the Great War in their defensive preparations. These became more sophisticated as the war progressed with the use of screw pickets and concertina wire.As part of the Rifles on going research, our members conducted a training exercise while at the Passchendaele 100 event. With the aid a a section of battlefield dug at the Passchendaele Memorial Museum, the Rifles went through the procedure for quick defensive wiring of shell holes.These are the results.

Riflemen cover the wiring party as it moves forward. Riflemen in light skirmish order.
A RE NCO surveys the area. This job would also be undertaken by divisional pioneers. 
Work begins on improving the shell hole   Time to get a move on, wiring begins

 The battlefield at passchendaele 100

Wiring exercise before the scheme
An original American advertisment for barbed wire 
Types of barbed wire defences 

Barbed wire as part of defensive systems

The riflemen set off with screw pickets and wire up to the battlefield. Wiring party make their way accross the duck boards to the shell holes.

 Work begins on the defensive wiring around a shell hole.

Wiring party must make sure they are not seen by the enemy 

Sweat saves lives. Improvement of the position continues Work carries on Time to join the shell holes together.

 Work hindered by a gas attack, Masks fitted properly, work continues